Legal Georgia Super Bowl Betting

Legal Georgia Super Bowl BettingThe Falcons haven’t had many breaks go their way since their heartbreaking Super Bowl defeat; however, that shouldn’t stop you from standing by your team and wagering on them with legal Georgia Super Bowl betting sites. With their franchise QB still playing at a high level, the Atlanta club could be big sleepers this season. Most of the top sportsbooks don’t have ATL in the top 10, but they’re right on the cusp, currently pulling about +3000 odds to win Super Bowl 54 in Miami. Obviously, the Patriots are the early favorites (like every year), but with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Alex Mack, the Falcons’ are never out of it. If you think the Falcons have a chance, now’s definitely the time to place your bets because the odds will only go down from here.

Despite GA’s sports betting situation, doing so over the Internet is actually 100% legal! Federal laws scare gamblers from using betting sites; however, these laws only prevent folks on GA soil from accepting bets, not placing them. As such, legal online sportsbooks – located overseas – are more than happy to provide Georgia bettors with all the Super Bowl action they could ever want.

Where To Bet On The Super Bowl In Georgia

Whether you’re wagering from the couch or the car, there are really only a few truly excellent services to use for any legal Georgia Super Bowl betting you plan to do. Trusted sports gambling sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and a select few others are the only places you can confidently put action on the big game, as they’ve each been around since the beginning of the online betting boom. Plus, they all have solid reputations for attentive service, comprehensive bookmaking, and rapid payouts.


Bovada SportsbookLegal Georgia Super Bowl Betting

Bovada is essentially the old guard of the Internet betting shop market. The sportsbook is not only highly-regarded by its peers, but it’s famous for both world-class customer care and for the simple fact that they’ve never missed even a single payout. Couple that reliability with its $250 new member Welcome Bonus, and Bovada is truly a one-stop shop for all the legal Georgia Super Bowl betting action you could ever want. (No promo code is required for the welcome bonus).


BetOnline SportsbookGeorgia Residents Legal Super Bowl Betting Site

BetOnline is one of online sports betting’s old guard, too. In fact, BetOnline offers some serious perks, especially when used alongside a competing sportsbook like Bovada. For one thing, legal Georgia Super Bowl betting at BetOnline will net you several different odds and lines than those posted by other brands, so you can always shop around for the best deal on any given wager. And their simple, pleasing mobile app doesn’t hurt, either. Join BetOnline today, and you’ll get a 50% Welcome Bonus, up to 1,000, in addition to several other member perks. (promo code: BOL1000)

MyBookie - Georgia Players Betting On The Super Bowl

MyBookie SportsbookIt is obvious that all the bettors around the world and around the country will have their eyes on the Super Bowl. This includes Georiga Players betting on the Super Bowl. This is an every year thing and most of the time a lot of money will be won and Mybookie is where this will start. Live betting will be exciting as this game will be full of momentum swings all game long. There will be Super Bowl bonuses there as well and most of the players look into those as they can change how much money they end up betting on the game that decides who hoist the Lombardi Trophy. All it takes is for players to have their phone or a laptop and they can hurry and sign up for an account.

SportsBetting - Betting On The Super Bowl

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting is one of few spots where players will be able to find all the betting options surrounding the Super Bowl. There is no doubt that when players sign up for an account here on Sportsbetting, there will be a lot of things to offer in all sports and the Super Bowl will be the main topic. With less than a month away, it is only smart for players to hurry and sign up for an account now as betting options are already up there.

Best Georgia Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
Bovada Sportsbook50% Up To $250VISA + Wire Transfer
BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
MyBookie Sportsbook50% New Member Bonus!VISA, Bitcoin
Sportsbetting Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 Bitcoin, Wire Xfer, VISA
Xbet Sportsbook100% Up To $300 VISA, Bitcoin
BetDSI Sportsbook100% Up To $500 VISA, Bitcoin, Checks

Types Of Legal Super Bowl Wagers

Before you jump headfirst into betting on Super Bowl In Georgia, you need to make sure you’re familiar with all the wager options these betting shops have to offer. Fortunately, there’s no learning curve from regular season NFL gambling, as the types of legal Super Bowl wagers available to you are more of the same. With, of course, an emphasis on “more.” As the biggest single sporting event on Earth, the Super Bowl boasts far more betting options than any other football game. There are point spreads, straight bets, over/unders, prop bets, parlays, and more, and you’ll have literally hundreds of things to put action on by game day.

Like all other American sports bets, all the available wagers will be presented via the moneyline. The moneyline is simple to understand: Favorites will be shown with a negative moneyline number, indicating the amount that must be risked to win $100, while underdogs will be shown with a positive moneyline number that illustrates how much money can be won on a $100 bet. Moneylines are generally shown in parentheses beside their respective bets.

Super Bowl Point Spread

Like any point spread, the Super Bowl point spread you’ll come across before the big game is designed to handicap the perceived weaker competition, enticing bettors to put roughly equal action on both sides of the wager. The Super Bowl point spread might look something like this:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers -6 (-110) vs. Seattle Seahawks +6 (-110)

Because they’re the favorites in this example, a bet for the Steelers to win actually requires them to beat Seattle by 7 or more points. Similarly, the underdog Seahawks can lose by up to 5 points and still win the bet. If the Steelers win by exactly 6 points, the result will be declared a push and all betting on both sides of the wager will be refunded. (To avoid this outcome, sportsbooks often use half-point increments on their betting menus.)

Super Bowl Straight Up Betting

The straight-up bet, or straight moneyline bet, is another extremely common wager type, and anyone familiar with legal Georgia Super Bowl betting is probably familiar with this kind of action. Here, there is no handicapping. Instead, the underdog simply has a higher payout than the favorite, so more folks are willing to take a gamble on the big return.

  • Los Angeles Rams (-175) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (+155)

In the above scenario, a $175 bet on the favorite Rams pays out $100, while a $100 bet on the underdog Eagles pays out a much better $155. As with all moneylines, these are not betting minimums – they merely show the ratio of wager-to-winnings. Most sportsbooks that offer legal Georgia Super Bowl betting will accept action on amounts as small as 25 cents.

Super Bowl Totals Betting

The totals bet is the last of the three major wager types most betting shops offer. Also called over/under betting, totals betting is not concerned with winners and losers. A Super Bowl totals betting line could look like the following:

  • New England Patriots vs. Minnesota Vikings O/U 41.5 (-110)

Here, bettors simply choose whether they think the combined final score of the game will be greater than (over) 41.5, or lower than (under) 41.5. Note that, because of the half-point added to the total, it would be impossible for this wager to result in a push.

Super Bowl Player Prop Bets

Legal Georgia Super Bowl BettingOne of the ways that Super Bowl betting really differentiates itself from all other NFL betting is in the number of proposition bets offered for the championship matchup. Because it’s such a hyped contest year in and year out, Super Bowl player prop bets always number in the hundreds, with nearly every athlete on the field represented in some way. With player props, you can bet on things like how many yards the quarterback will throw for, how many interceptions a cornerback might come away with, how many points a kicker will tally, and more. For example, Julian Edelman winning the Super Bowl MVP last year resulted in lucky bettors earning +2000 payout on most sites.

Super Bowl Team Prop Bets

In addition to player props, Super Bowl team prop bets are also available at all the reputable Internet betting shops and online sportsbooks. Unlike player props that focus on the individual, team props focus on the in-game performances of the offensive, defensive, and special teams squads. You’ll be able to put money on things like the total yards from scrimmage a team gains, the number of turnovers an offense commits, the number of drives that end in punts, and so on. In last year’s contest, one person was fortunate enough to wager that the Rams would only score 3 points. This resulted in a $250 wager earning $100,000!

Live In-Game Super Bowl Betting

Even though most every sportsbook of note is going to offer well over 100 different bets on Super Bowl Sunday, that’s not nearly the extent of what’s available to legal Georgia Super Bowl betting fans. Thanks to live betting (a.k.a. in-game betting), you can expect that number to double or even triple!

Unlike traditional sports betting which is locked in upon kickoff, live in-game Super Bowl betting lasts the entire game, with updates in real-time. You can literally bet on the outcome of every single play of the Super Bowl with the live betting technology available at sites like Bovada and BetOnline.

Mobile Super Bowl Betting Apps For Georgia Residents

One of the most convenient aspects of using an online sportsbook for your legal Georgia Super Bowl betting needs is that you can browse the boards and place your wagers from literally anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with a data connection.

Now, there aren’t actually any official sportsbook apps available for iPhone or Android devices, but every Internet betting shop of note has gone to great lengths to make mobile-optimized portals of their products. And, in most cases, they’ve succeeded handily, as mobile Super Bowl betting is usually faster, easier, and more secure than using more traditional home computer means.

Futures Betting On The Super Bowl

All of the wagering types above are available for your when the game is around the corner. However, if you have the ultimate confidence in your team, look to wager on a futures bet. These lines change by the week and are posted right after the conclusion of the previous season. Wagers like whether the Falcons will win their division, conference, or the Super Bowl are available and sometimes you will find odds that are much higher than they should be. Bet on the Falcons when the media is down on them or they are in a slump, for you will not find a better opportunity to make a bet for the future.

Current Odds For Super Bowl 54

Legal Georgia Super Bowl BettingThe current odds for Super Bowl 54 naturally favor the Super Bowl 53 champs, but New England likely won’t sit atop the betting boards for too long. At most Vegas books, they’re already 3rd or 4th down the list, with both the Rams and Chiefs seeing more early action on the futures lines. However, at legal offshore books, the Pats still reign supreme, trending at about +650. Atlanta, meanwhile, is sitting at the high end of the middle of the pack everywhere, pulling odds of between +2500 and +3000 at most reputable books. (If you’re taking the Falcons, you’ll obviously want to shop around for the best possible line. The difference between +2500 and +3000 is enormous, and this is the PERFECT example of why it’s important to have memberships at multiple sportsbook sites.)

New England Patriots +650
Los Angeles Rams +700
Kansas City Chiefs +800
Los Angeles Chargers +800
New Orleans Saints +1000
Indianapolis Colts +1100
Chicago Bears +1200
Pittsburgh Steelers +1600
Green Bay Packers +1800
Minnesota Vikings +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2000
Philadelphia Eagles +2000

Legal Georgia Super Bowl Betting FAQs

Can GA Residents Be Arrested For Betting On The Super Bowl?

Not at all. In fact, there are no laws addressing sports betting in Georgia in any of the state’s statutes. And since the federal laws in question don’t make it illegal to actually place sports bets, GA residents cannot be arrested or even fined for betting on the Super Bowl (or any other sporting event).

Should I Use Other Online Sportsbooks For Betting On The Super Bowl?

You may do business with whomever you wish, but it makes good sense to give that business to companies who have proved worthy and willing to earn it. Because Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BookMaker, and BetDSI are all tried-and-true, industry-leading brands, you’ll probably be a lot more comfortable placing your legal Georgia Super Bowl betting slips with one of them. After all, successful sports betting is about minimizing risk, not taking unnecessary ones.

How Do I Deposit Money Into My Account For Legal Super Bowl Betting In Georgia?

Because you probably want to put some gambling cash into your online legal Georgia Super Bowl betting account as soon as possible, you’ll likely want to bypass the rigmarole of using slow deposit methods like wire transfers, money orders, or personal checks. These can all take up to two weeks to transfer. Instead, if you use a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, you can put money into your Internet betting shop of choice pretty much instantaneously. Most companies will take Visa gift cards. Please note, however, that Bovada is the only legal online sportsbook that currently accepts American Express. It may also be worthwhile to consider using Bitcoin or Litecoin to bet on the Super Bowl.

How Do I Withdraw My Legal Super Bowl Winnings?

Unfortunately, there is no common or traditional way to withdraw your legal Super Bowl winnings quickly. Most sportsbooks do not offer card chargebacks, and checks, money orders, and wire transfers can take 10 days or more to reach your mailbox. That said, if you use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin to receive your payouts, you can have your winnings more or less immediately. All things considered, Bitcoin and its ilk are really your best bets for financing all your online sports gambling going forward.

Do I Have To Report My Legal Georgia Super Bowl Winnings To The IRS?

Yes. Even though all legal online sportsbooks are located overseas and outside of US jurisdiction, your payouts are not. Once you cash out, the US government will likely be aware of that income, and the IRS will want its “fair share”. They’ve even helpfully provided sports bettors and gamblers with an easy-to-follow primer. As long as you give Big Brother his cut of your legal Georgia Super Bowl betting, you should get to keep most of the fruits of your labor.

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