How To Bet On Georgia Tech

How To Bet On Georgia TechIf you’ve been wondering how to bet on Georgia Tech, it’s actually pretty easy. Now, Georgia isn’t the best place for gambling in general, as no commercial or tribal casinos currently operate within its borders. There is a government lottery and some bingo, but that’s about it, so you might be wondering how betting on Georgia Tech football is even legal in the Peach State. Fortunately, it absolutely is, and even though various federal laws like the Wire Act and the UIGEA are currently in effect throughout America, these aren’t written to go after betters, only bookies

Since legal online sportsbooks operate overseas and outside of US jurisdiction, they open up a sort of “sports betting loophole” that makes betting on Georgia Tech – or any other US sports team – 100% legal and by-the-book. All you actually need to get started is an Internet connection, some cash, and a free membership at a legal online sportsbook like Bovada or SportsBetting or similar. Our guide will explain not only how to wager on Georgia Tech but also the betting types you will encounter on these sites.

Best Sites For Wagering On Georgia Tech

One of the first – and, frankly, most important – questions about how to bet on Georgia Tech has to do with where to go in Atlanta to start making wagers. After all, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of online sportsbooks that advertise GT odds, and it’s understandably frustrating to pick one with whom you’re confident enough to do business.

Luckily, the answer is simple: If you sign up at established industry leaders like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, BetDSI, and BookMaker, you’ll never have to worry about scams or delayed payouts or shady terms and bet limits. Instead, you’ll have access to the best sports betting experiences anywhere, with top-tier customer service and excellent bonuses to boot. If you’re going to wager on Georgia Tech, these are the only companies you want to bet on for you’re going to wager on Georgia Tech, these are the only companies you want to bet on for sports betting in Georgia.

Bovada Odds On Georgia Tech

Bovada SportsbookBovada is basically the grandfather of legal online sports betting, with a management pedigree that goes back to the advent of the Internet itself. As such, the company’s always been a sort of standard bearer for the online betting shop movement, and over their history, they’ve set a lot of trends that later became industry standards. Bovada has easy-to-navigate menus, making Georgia Tech betting pleasant and fun, and the company offers a slew of perks for new members, including a $250 Welcome Bonus to get you started betting on the Yellow Jackets.

SportsBetting Odds On Georgia Tech

SportsBetting SportsbookSportsBetting, like Bovada, is one of the most senior sportsbooks on the Internet. As one of America’s premier destinations for legal sports betting in general, you’re sure to get some of the best lines and odds on Georgia Tech football when you sign up for a free SportsBetting membership. And if you sign up with Bitcoin, SportsBetting will even match your first deposit by 100% (up to $1000), effectively doubling the amount of funds in your account. Free money? Now that’s how to bet on Georgia Tech – just use the code 100CRYPTO

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Georgia Tech Wager Types

Like other sports, college football has three basic bets that comprise most of the action at any given Internet betting shop. Obviously, these also make up the three most popular Georgia Tech wager types available to Yellow Jackets fans and sports betting enthusiasts throughout the country. Whenever you visit a legal online sportsbook and want to know how to bet on Georgia Tech, you’ll be faced with these three wagers right off the hop: the point spread, the straight bet, and the over/under.

Georgia Tech Point Spread

The Georgia Tech point spread bet is the single most popular wager available for Yellow Jackets football. Point spreads allow the weaker team in a given matchup to “take” some points from the favorite in order to determine the winning side of the bet slip. An example of the GT spread is as follows:

  • Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets +14 (-110) at Georgia Bulldogs -14 (-110)

For this game, the Georgia Tech point spread has the Yellow Jackets as 14-point underdogs to their in-state rivals. Because the Bulldogs are currently the stronger team, sportsbooks will handicap them in order to get more even action on both sides of the bet. Here, if GT loses by 13 points or less, they’ll actually win the wager. For Georgia to win, they’d have to beat Georgia Tech by 15 or more points. If the Bulldogs win by exactly 14, however, the bet will be declared a push, causing most sportsbooks to refund all associated action on the spread.

Betting Georgia Tech Straight Up

If you’d rather simply pick a winner, you can try betting Georgia Tech straight up. Straight betting is useful for times when you think a favorite will win but not cover the spread or when you think an underdog will win outright. Betting the spread in either of these cases will actually not pay out nearly as well, so straight up is how to bet Georgia Tech if a given game meets these criteria. A straight bet looks like this:

  • Virginia Tech Hokies (+140) vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-135)

Straight bets use the moneyline, so they’re sometimes called straight moneyline bets. The moneyline, shown in parentheses, is the basis for all American sports betting, and it shows how much money must be wagered for a given payout. The favorite will always have a negative moneyline number, which shows how much money must be risked to win $100. In the case of the above example, the Yellow Jackets, as favorites, require a $135 wager to win $100. On the other side, the underdog is usually shown alongside a positive moneyline number, which indicates how much cash you’ll win on a $100 bet.

If you’ve spent any time at all researching how to bet on Georgia Tech, you’ll notice that every single bet type has this kind of moneyline attached. In other words, the moneyline is basically the price tag for a given sports bet, and it always works the exact same way, no matter what kinds of wagers it corresponds to.

Georgia Tech Totals Betting

Totals betting is the last of the most common wager varieties you’ll find at legal Georgia Tech sportsbooks. With this kind of bet, however, it doesn’t matter which team wins or loses; totals bets are only concerned with the total combined score of both teams in a specific contest. Georgia Tech totals bettors are tasked with picking whether a given game’s final scores will add up to be more than (over) or less than (under) the sportsbook’s proposed number. For this reason, totals betting is also frequently called over/under betting.

  • Clemson Tigers at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets O/U 44.5 (-110)

In this showdown, if the two clubs combine for 45 or more points, the over bet wins. If, on the other hand, they combine to score fewer than 44 points, the under wager wins. Sportsbooks will often use half-point increments to guarantee that a given bet cannot end in a push, which you’ll see almost all the time with Georgia Tech totals betting.

Georgia Tech Player Props

In addition to the above, player props add a substantial number of variables to your consideration of how to bet on Georgia Tech week in and week out. All the top online betting shops like Bovada et al. usually post dozens of player prop bets by gametime each Saturday, letting customers put action on things like the quarterback’s total touchdowns, the tailback’s total carries, and so on. Georgia Tech player props are restricted to single-game performances by individual Yellow Jackets athletes.

Georgia Tech Team Prop Bets

If you want to bet on team-based performances for a given game, you can place wagers on Georgia Tech team props. These, like player props, add a lot of options to the old sports betting standbys, and there are usually several to choose from by kickoff. Common Georgia Tech team prop bets are based on things like total offensive yardage, total defensive takeaways, and the like.

Mobile Georgia Tech Betting Apps

One of the chief considerations that Yellow Jackets fans research when learning how to bet on Georgia Tech football has to do with mobile betting. In this day and age, folks want a good Georgia Tech betting app to provide quick, easy access to on-the-go sports betting. Unfortunately, no such apps exist, as Google and Apple don’t currently allow real-money gambling apps on Google Play or in the App Store.

That said, it’s still possible to enjoy portable, convenient, mobile Georgia Tech betting on your Android or iPhone. To make this possible, legal online sportsbooks have gone to the length of designing special mobile sites for their services. Just visit your favorite sportsbook on your mobile device, and you’ll get a betting menu that’s optimized for fast small-screen searches and one-tap wagers. Plus, because Androids and iPhones tend to be more secure than desktops in general, mobile Georgia betting is safer than using your computer to wager on the Yellow Jackets.

Live In-game Betting On Georgia Tech

Another way that mobile Georgia Tech betting is changing the game has to do with in-game betting. Also called live betting, in-game betting on Georgia Tech allows gamblers to make wagers on Yellow Jackets games while they’re actually being played. With Internet sportsbooks often changing their live betting boards on a snap-to-snap basis, NCAA football fans and sports betting enthusiasts can pick and choose from literally hundreds of extra GT bets for every single game on the schedule. Live betting isn’t a brand-new concept, but the advent of both Internet betting shops and mobile sports app sensibilities has helped it really take off over the last year or two.

Other Ways To Bet On Georgia Tech

Most sportsbooks will offer the above and call it a day. However, legal online sportsbooks have a tendency to maximize the action on any given team, and the Yellow Jackets are no exception. If you still have questions about how to bet on Georgia Tech for the best ROI, perhaps futures bets, multigame parlays, alternate lines, teasers, and pleasers will be to your liking. While you can get stung with some of these riskier wagering styles, what do you care? You’re a Yellow Jacket. Plus, the payouts on a good teaser or parlay are pretty hard to beat.

Futures Betting on Georgia Tech

Futures bets are exactly what they sound like: a bet relating to a future event. Most times the odds are more favorable weeks out of an event, especially if the team has been playing well. Being that Ga Tech is in the ACC, there will be odds to win the ACC Coastal, The ACC Championship, or the NCAA CFP Playoffs. If you have faith in your team, place a bet and watch the potential payout possibly come into fruition. If anything, it makes a great situation for hedging bets.

FAQs About Georgia Tech Betting

Is Betting On College Football Online Legal?

As long as you only place bets and don’t take them, betting on college football online is legal. Federal anti-gambling laws like the Wire Act and the UIGEA only make it illegal to operate sportsbooks and betting services in America – they do not actually ban individuals from betting on whatever sports they please. Betting on the Yellow Jackets is thus 100% above-board in Georgia, and – as long as you limit your wagers to legal online sportsbooks – you don’t have to worry about any authorities interrupting your weekends of wagering on Georgia Tech. But if you’re still concerned, consider using Bitcoin, as its anonymity features will help you maintain a greater measure of privacy across all your online activities.

What's The Safest Way To Deposit Into A Georgia Tech Sportsbook?

Without question, the safest way to deposit funds into your legal Georgia Tech sportsbook of choice is to use Bitcoin. In addition to being faster than most other methods of payment, Bitcoin is the only safe, reliable way to get your payouts in a timely manner from overseas online sportsbooks.

Of course, Bitcoin is also the best option because it uses blockchain technology, making transactions much more secure than even the best-encrypted credit and debit systems. Yes, it’s a new technology that might seem overwhelming at first, but Bitcoin is well worth taking a chance on. Bet on Tech with a bet on tech!

Can I Sign Up At More Than One Legal Online Sportsbook?

Absolutely. In fact, having memberships at multiple sportsbooks is one of the best, most effective ways to get a gambling edge on any given NCAA matchup. If you’re after the single surest strategy for how to bet on Georgia Tech with an eye towards maximum profits, being able to shop around for the best odds and props on each GT game is the way to do it. Since each Internet sportsbook is slightly different in its betting menus, you can always pick the wager with the best terms. It is not at all unusual, for example, to see a $30-$50 swing on the same exact bet from two different online betting shops.

Do Online Sportsbooks Offer Odds On Every Georgia Tech Game?

Usually, but not always. Some weeks, Georgia Tech might have a Division II team scheduled as a “tune-up” game, and sportsbooks tend to stay away from tilts that are too lopsided to balance with a reasonable spread or moneyline. Though most Georgia Tech games will have a good amount of parity, truly overmatched competition cannot always be avoided. That’s just part of college football. So, take things one game at a time, and never get ahead of yourself. Week by week is how to bet on Georgia Tech, but some weeks, you’ll basically be taking a bye from the sportsbooks.