Sports Betting For Georgia Residents

With the trend of sports betting popping up in a legal manner all across the country, the unfortunate truth is that land-based sports betting for Georgia residents does not exist. However, there are still options to place a bet on the Falcons, Bulldogs, Yellow Jackets, Hawks, or any other team you are supporting.

Because the state is considered a deep-south conservative state, the likelihood that Georgia sportsbooks appearing in the near future are slim. But the aforementioned betting options can be found through various online betting sites that are not only legal but safe for Georgia residents to use. These sites - as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI have all been in the industry for a decade or more and have proven their reliability with prompt payments, excellent customer service, and better promotions than you could find anywhere.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of reviewing those online betting sites (promotion codes included), it is important to have a strong background in the laws and outlook of legal sports betting in Georgia. If you have any questions on the matter, we should be able to answer it in the next few paragraphs, or at the bottom of the page in the FAQs. There is a lot of information but at the end of the guide, you will be able to confidently wager on any team you desire without the fear of irrational consequences.

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BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
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Is Bovada Legal In Georgia?

To put it simply, yes, Bovada is a legal online sportsbook in Georgia and can be used all throughout the state. It does not matter that Georgia does not have any regulations in place for sports betting. Bovada is a regulated online sportsbook on their own as they are regulated by the Costa Rican government which is where they are located. Something to take note of with their situation is that they are also deemed a legal online betting option by the United States government. The U.S. government does not have any laws that prohibit you from using Bovada anywhere in the country.

Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Georgia Residents

In addition to looking into the rules and laws of sports gambling on the internet, we had also looked at the various sportsbooks that you can use for your wagering purposes. If you decide to start playing the odds, you will be able to do so fairly easily at certain international online sportsbooks. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie are the best when it comes to this purpose, providing safe and reliable sports betting to GA residents.

If you read on into the next few sections, you will see that we have highlighted the profitability of the betting odds, the bonuses, as well as the number of deposit options that can be found at our most highly recommended offshore sportsbook websites. Only the highest level of sportsbooks welcoming Georgia residents can ever be added to our list, so if you find a site profiled anywhere here at, you can be confident that it’s a sportsbook that you can trust.

Bovada - Live Betting + Mobile Betting Platforms

Bovada SportsbookThis leading legal online betting site is sure to meet the needs of every type of sports bettor, from season veterans to newcomers just trying out the sports wagering hobby for the first time. Bovada has a huge supply of available betting odds, plus wager types to make it fun and exciting for their account holders to take a chance to win big by correctly picking winners. They offer some great prop betting odds that you won't find anywhere else too. When you sign up, you will automatically be granted with a 50% match (up to $250). If you are betting from your phone, consider this benefit – your first bet (if it is a loss) will be refunded (up to $50).

BetOnline - Georgia Friendly, Must Meet GA Betting Age

BetOnline SportsbookResidents in the state of Georgia are gladly accepted within BetOnline's sportsbook, as it is one of the few places where they can legally put money on a variety of different teams across the full range of sports played in the United State and around the globe. If you open up an account with BetOnline, their mobile-based sportsbook makes gambling in Georgia even easier not having to be glued to your computer. This opens the door to a whole new market of sports bettors. Check out their promotions, which are constantly changing. For first time depositors, use the code BOL1000 to have your first deposit matched by 50% (up to $1,000).

SportsBetting - Full Sportsbook, Casino, + Poker Room

SportsBetting SportsbookGeorgia players should definitely try the live betting section at It's worth checking out, as this area of the sportsbook features some great betting odds, and really puts a new looking on how to bet on sports. It's as if you were at the game and making wagers right as the action unfolds in front of you. That is just one of the available options that SportsBetting gives players in the U.S., those living in Georgia included. Outside of that, their customer service is excellent – the best in the business. If you have cryptocurrency, consider signing up with this operator. They offer a 100% match on your first Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum, or Litecoin deposit. Just use the code 100CRYPTO to double your account balance (up to $1,000).

MyBookie - Up To $1,000 In Welcome Bonuses

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie is one of the industry-leading online sportsbooks for Georgia residents. One thing that separates them from the rest is one of the biggest welcome bonuses that an online sportsbook has to offer. New users can earn up to $1,000 when making their first deposit into their MyBookie account. All you have to do is use the promo code MYB50 and they will match your initial deposit by 50%. In order to fulfill the promotion though, you will need to make a minimum deposit of $50. Also included here is a 10x rollover.

XBet - One Of The Easiest Web Interfaces

What makes XBet one of the top online sportsbooks to use in Georgia is that they make everything very easy and painless to help you enjoy betting on sports. No matter if you are using their platform from a computer or your mobile device, once you gain access to their site, all of the odds and features that they have to offer are laid out right in front of you. Right on their homepage, you will find all of the sports that they offer odds on, a tab to make a deposit or withdrawal, and another tab for every bonus that you can take advantage of.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Georgia?

For starters, gambling on the internet is not mentioned anywhere in the state statutes or codebook. This failure to prohibit online gambling allows you to legally wager on sports in Georgia with these offshore providers. Keep in mind that the operators must be located in a different country for you not to be breaking any laws.

When it comes to land-based gambling, Section 16-12-20 explains the prohibition of gambling in the state. Check out the state’s legislative page, which details the codes. These laws describe “betting upon the final result of any game or contest, or upon games played with cards, dice, or balls, in order to win money or other things of value” as a prohibited act, and that even includes wagering activities like horse race betting in Georgia.

Have Legislators Made Attempts To Legalize Sports Betting In Georgia?

There is hope on the horizon when it comes to Georgia sports betting. While it is true that Georgia’s politicians and lawmakers have no federal legal barrier stopping them from passing laws to legalize sports betting, we have to believe that other forms of gambling would have to be legalized first, as they have in other states, including the nearby Mississippi gaming industry. In 2021, House Bill 86 was discussed. The bill would have brought mobile sports betting to GA via the Georgia Lottery. The bill states a 20% tax rate on betting which would go towards education in the state. Betting on college sports was not allowed in the bill. This bill was unable to pass in the 2021 legislative session but did get a lot of attention. Most industry experts expect a similar bill to come up in the 2023 legislative session.

How To Bet Online In Georgia

When it comes down to actually placing a bet on an online sportsbook in Georgia, you need to register for an account. Most of these online sportsbooks that accept Georgia players have simple registration processes where all they ask for is basic information in order to create your account. Information such as your name, birthday, location, and other easy to give things. The entire registration process can be found right here.

  • First/Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Info (Phone/Email)
  • Password
  • Postal Code
  • Deposit Option Selection
  • Bonus Selection
  • Begin Placing Bets

Cities With Sportsbooks In Georgia

Though there are not any cities with sportsbooks welcoming Georgia residents, the truth is that there are several nearby cities with casinos that would make ideal sports betting outlets that would primarily or at least partially provide their services to Georgia residents. Among the Georgia cities with de facto sportsbook locations are the Atlanta sportsbooks and other major cities will also have books, like Columbus sportsbooks, Albany sportsbooks and Savannah sportsbooks. At the corresponding pages for each city, we will take a closer look at the casinos in neighboring states that would provide ideal locations for sportsbooks in the near future.

Georgia Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Placing sports wagers in the state of Georgia is not something that has been criminalized. While the state has written a lengthy list of various gambling laws, nothing has been written to actually criminalize this activity, as only gambling businesses have been banned, not individuals that want to bet. We can assure you that you will not be likely to face a rebuke from the long arm of the law just for trying to place a few bets your favorite teams, athletes or sports, and you will be able to freely do so as there is no explicit ban against online sports gambling in the state of Georgia.

On the federal level, you may have heard of two laws that make people believe that internet gambling is illegal – don’t listen to the noise. The first law, the Wire Act, prevents sportsbooks from accepting wagers across state lines. This only matters for state-run operators and has no jurisdiction over the offshore operators. The other law, UIGEA, prevents US banks from processing payments for overseas sportsbooks. This can hinder your ability to use a credit card when making a deposit, but there is nothing that put in the middle of a criminal battle. Notice that both of these laws target the business and not the gambler.

Legal Gambling Age For Georgia Residents

To bet on sports in Georgia, you will have to wait until you are old enough to do so. The age limit has been set at 21, and you are not allowed to bet on sports if you have not reached this age. Attempting to do so could potentially lead to the complete confiscation of your funds if you try to place wagers on sports under that age. This is true even if you are 18, which is the minimum legal gambling age at offshore sportsbook sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI. There is simply too much at stake for us to suggest that our readers try to place wagers on sports before they have reached at least their 21st birthday.

Georgia Sports Betting Bonuses

Online sportsbooks main goal for you is to make sure that your betting experience is enjoyable. One of the ways that they do that is by offering bonuses to both new and existing users. New users can take advantage of these bonuses just by signing up and making your first deposit into your account. For existing users, some sites have offers for you that give you risk-free credit on any deposit you make into your account. Taking it even one step further, there are even bonuses depending on which payment method you are using to make your deposit.

Georgia Sports Betting Deposits

Making a deposit into an online Georgia sportsbook is simple and painless. All you have to do is select which method of payment you wish to make a deposit with and make your deposit. Depending on which payment you choose though, there will be minimum and maximum deposit amounts that you need to follow in order to make your transaction. Aside from the minimum and maximums, some online betting sites might even have fees upon making your deposit as well. Each deposit method that online sportsbooks allow you to use and their minimum, maximum, and deposit fee can be found right here.

Georgia Sports Betting Withdrawals

Similar to making a deposit, making a withdrawal is just as easy as there are different methods to choose from, limits for each method, and fees for making a withdrawal. In order to make a withdrawal though, it should be taken into consideration that you cannot have funds withdrawn back into the credit or debit card that you made your deposit with. One of the popular withdrawal options that you can choose from though are different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin amongst many others. For those that do not frequent with crypto, you can choose from other online banking options or request a check by mail.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Georgia

Although Daily Fantasy Sports are unregulated in Georgia, all of the big name operators such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo all operate within the state lines. That is also because Georgia lawmakers have not made any laws that would prohibit you from playing DFS games in the Peach State. There was a previous effort to have it regulated and taxed, but it did follow through. Regardless, you are free to play DFS in Georgia as you please.

Potential Georgia Sports Betting Revenue

Without any official plans to launch sports betting in Georgia just yet, revenue numbers could be hard to predict. However, there have been talks of an online-only sports betting market similar to their neighbors in Tennessee. Tennessee brought in $156.6 million in revenue during their first year. If Georgia were to launch sports betting in similar fashion, they could see revenue numbers of upwards of $100 million in just their first year of operation.

When Will Sports Betting Come To Georgia?

Sports betting came close to a late 2022 launch as a sports betting bill was introduced and seemed like it was headed for the November ballot. However, last-minute complications caused the bill to fall through meaning that it will not be on the ballot and the process will have to start from scratch. If another bill is introduced, it would have to wait until the 2024 election to make it on to the ballot for 2025 being the earliest possible time of launch.

Georgia Sports Betting Timeline

April 2022: Shockingly, the legislative session came to an end with no sports betting bills being approved meaning the next time voters will get a chance to vote is in 2024.
March 2022: SR 135 was introduced to present the question on removing the gambling restrictions on the ballot.
2021: SB142 was legalized by the House of Representatives for mobile sports betting. That vote allowed for the public to vote on the matter in the next election. Some complications arose and killed the bill before seeing the ballot.
2020: SB403 was introduced as an online-only sports betting bill that fell through.
2020: HB903 was originally introduced as a larking bull but turned to sports betting. It unfortunately died before gaining life.

Potential Sports Betting Cities In Georgia

It only makes sense that if land-based sports betting were to make its way to Georgia, that sportsbooks launch in cities that have the highest population. Atlanta would be a given as the most populated city in the state at 532,695 people. Other cities such as Columbus and Augusta could follow with 200,000+ population numbers. Smaller cities like Savannah and Athens could also make do with a retail sportsbook as they are popular travel destinations.

Mobile Sports Betting Sites In Georgia

Mobile Sports BettingMobile sports betting sites in Georgia are a peach. They are online sportsbooks that are legal for the residents of the state to use. These sports wagering websites offer their members a number of odds, bets, and statistical information on the NFL teams and players around the country. These websites are licensed and regulated to do business making them safe options for sports bettors in the US. They are also 100% legal. Some of the most highly recommended websites to wager on sports include MyBookie, BetOnline, and SportsBetting. These websites have everything a sports bettor could ask for and they all can be accessed with a cellphone. This means that no matter where a gambler is, they can take their phone out and place bets on whatever game they want.

Live Betting In Georgia

Bettors in Georgia can enjoy live betting on the NFL in their state. Live betting is a feature that gives players the opportunity to bet on games in real-time. Oddsmakers are changing and updating bet lines between quarters, halftimes, and natural stoppages through the games which give you plenty of chances to win a bet based on the current momentum of the game. So, whether you are an Atlanta Falcons or any other NFL team fan, these bets come in handy for bettors that know how games can have one play or drive change the direction of the rest of the game. Using the many offshore sportsbooks offered to Georgia residents, you can take advantage of the unique experience of live betting.

Land Based Gambling In Georgia

Georgia residents do not really have any options for gambling at locations or websites that are actually based inside the state lines. There are a pair of casino cruises and a statewide lottery (the proceeds of which are primarily used to support education programs), but that is well and truly it. One of the casino cruise boats sails out from Brunswick while the other sails from Savannah, and if the boats reach into international waters you could, in theory, then place wagers on sports. Otherwise, you have to turn to the web in order to play the odds or even just to bet on the Atlanta Falcons or any of the other teams that are popular with enthusiasts of outlets providing sports betting for Georgia residents.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Georgia

1) Why doesn't Georgia regulate any gambling options?

Though there is really no clear indication as to why Georgia’s lawmakers have consistently decided over the years not to regulate any gambling options, and, more importantly, to tax them, perhaps this peculiarity is due to the nature of the state as a bastion of deeply conservative political and social thought. Georgia's stance against gambling is fairly deep-seated, but this too could change – theoretically anyway – as younger politicians are elected. Now that PASPA has been struck down by the US Supreme Court there is no law at the federal level that could stop Georgia from passing laws to regulate and legalize sports betting and other forms of wagering as well, but whether or not this will actually take place is an entirely different matter altogether.

2) Where can I locate the gambling laws of the state?

Georgia's legislature has listed all of the laws in the state Code on the state’s website. This will give you all the information that you need from a legal perspective as to the gambling laws of the state of Georgia.

3) When I try to use my credit card, it is repeatedly rejected. How can I fund my account if my credit card fails?

Every sportsbook accepts its own list of funding methods. E-checks, e-wallets, and similar options can all be found by way of the sportsbooks. However, the best way to fund your wagering account at a legal offshore sportsbook site such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, or BetDSI is to use Bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies that are accepted there.

4) Does making deposits or withdrawals make you liable for a crime under the UIGEA?

We get asked some variant of this question all the time, it seems like, but the answer is a definitively a resounding “No,” we are happy to report. Only gambling site operators and financial processors can be subject to criminal charges under the prohibitions imposed by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. Nowadays, most legal offshore sports betting sites utilize their own in-house financial processing services, so there are typically not even any problems with using your credit card to make deposits anymore, but we nevertheless recommend for our readers to use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to be absolutely certain that you will not run into any problems bankrolling your account.

5) How fast do withdrawals take to ship my money back into my account?

You will generally have your winnings shipped back in less than two weeks’ time if you use any method of collecting a payout available through the legal offshore sportsbook leaders Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI. However, the fastest two methods available are bank wire transfers, which take a few days tops before your funds are available in your bank account or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum or, hopefully soon, Cardano. Using either of those two methods will generally keep you from having to wait too long before your money is available.

6) I have heard of withdrawal checks bouncing. Is this a possibility with your sportsbooks?

One of the very best reasons to use a legal overseas-based sports betting site such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI is because of their reliability when it comes to collecting your winnings after requesting a withdrawal of funds. Although we continue to recommend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the preferred method for collecting your payouts, we have made it a point in our guide to sites that offer sports betting for Georgia residents to make sure that all withdrawals will be totally safe. Checks coming from these five sites will never – and we do mean never – bounce.

7) Is Bovada legal in Georgia?

Georgia residents can legally gamble through Bovada without having to worry about getting into trouble. You will not face any trouble with Bovada as it is an approved legal Georgia sports betting site. Technically speaking, there is no law in Georgia that would ban individuals that live in the Peach State or are visiting there from placing wagers at online operators, which means that overseas online-only sportsbook sites are the best and only means of betting on your favorite sports.

8) Is it possible for my credit card information to be stolen from my gambling site?

No – we will leave it at that. We can assure you that you will never have to worry about being stolen from if you decide to place your bets with the best USA sportsbooks. Sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI all have security protocols that would make even the world-famous casino sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip look like amateurs, so you can bet with confidence knowing your sensitive financial information is safe at these 100 percent legal, licensed and reputable sportsbook outlets.

9) Are e-checks a safe deposit method?

No. Unfortunately, most online sportsbooks, especially those open to Georgia, no longer accept deposits through an eCheck / ACH transfer. But there is good news as some bookmakers do use this method as a form of payment, and it usually has some of the highest limits and the fastest payout times available through any method. Still, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash have eclipsed most other deposit methods in terms of quick turnaround times and security as well.

10) Has anyone in Georgia ever been incarcerated for gambling on sports over the Internet?

As far as our research has been able to uncover, we have not been able to find any evidence that a single Georgia sports bettor has ever been arrested for gambling online. That includes all forms of gambling like online casinos, online poker rooms and certainly with sports betting sites that welcome GA residents. Fortunately for gambling enthusiasts in the Empire State of the South, leading online sportsbook operators based in foreign countries – and we think Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI stand a head and shoulders above the competition – are all completely safe outlets providing the opportunity for sports betting for Georgia residents.