Legal Georgia CFP Betting Odds

Legal Georgia CFP Betting OddsBettors around the country and at home in the Peach State are looking to get in on the action with legal Georgia CFP betting odds. Online sportsbook sites like Bovada and BetOnline make betting on the Bulldogs a cinch for Georgia residents as the team gets ready to try for a third national championship. They are consistently in the hunt of the SEC Championship and the CFB Playoffs and this year might be the time they get it done.

However, just knowing that the best sports betting sites have odds on Georgia in the CFP isn’t enough. In order to be a smart bettor, it helps to have a solid understanding of the legality of College Football Playoff betting as well as a good grasp on the different types of wagering options available on the internet’s top betting shops. Our comprehensive guide to legal Georgia betting odds will also take a deep dive into the various betting lines that are going to be offered leading into the playoff games early in 2023. Finally, we’ll include a detailed review of Bovada and BetOnline, the top-rated legal online sportsbooks we recommend for our readers.

Best Legal Georgia CFP Betting Sites

Georgia fans can count on all the top legal NCAA college football betting sites to offer odds on the CFP games, but that doesn’t mean all online sportsbooks are created equal for sports betting in Georgia. In the next few sections, we’ll take a closer look at elements that make Bovada and BetOnline our top-ranked legal offshore sports betting sites for Georgia bettors.

Bovada SportsbookThe Best Bitcoin Deposit Bonus In The Industry

Bovada is the premier sports betting destination for serious bettors going into the Bowl season and all year round. Georgia fans will find Bovada to have the slickest aesthetic of any legal offshore sports betting site, and that’s backed up by the easiest-to-navigate menus on the entire market. Moving around on Bovada and finding the best Bulldogs betting options is a breeze, and once you’re ready to get in on the action Bovada will stake you up multiple promotions. Betting on your phone? Check out their free $50 wager for doing so. Making your first deposit? Welcome yourself with a 50% match (up to $250) without any promotional code. Bovada’s combination of simple user interface, great odds and unbeatable offers makes it one of the best online sportsbooks for fans of the ‘Dawgs.

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline is widely recognized as having some of the best online promotions in the business. As the leader in cryptocurrency acceptance, BetOnline will match your first deposit by 100% (up to $1,000) when you make your FIRST deposit with Bitcoin, Bitcoin CASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, or DASH. Just use the code CRYPTO100. If you are making any other deposit with the approved cryptocurrencies, use the code CRYPTO35 for an extra 35% match. BetOnline accepts other forms of payment that are not crypto – so don’t this bonus code turn you away. Bet on the Georgia Bulldogs at BetOnline and you will see how smart of a choice you made.

Best Georgia Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
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Is It Legal To Bet On Georgia CFP Betting Odds Online?

The way sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline get around the prohibitive US federal and state sports gambling laws is simple: they’re based in foreign countries that have much more open regulations regarding wagering on sports. This means that they are simultaneously licensed and regulated by their home nation’s gaming authorities while operating outside the reach of US laws. Generally speaking, federal laws like the Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) only target land-based sportsbooks and financial institutions, respectively. Because none of these pervasive federal laws and very few state gambling laws have anything at all to say about individual fans betting on college football online.

Making A Deposit To Bet On The Bulldogs

Before you can get started betting using legal Georgia CFP betting odds available through Bovada or BetOnline, you will first need to fund your betting account. Fortunately, these top online sportsbooks have plenty of options for their users to put money in their bankroll, including tried-and-true methods like checks in the mail, bank transfers, and even VISA or Mastercard. However, the latest and greatest way of making a deposit to bet on the Bulldogs is to use Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency taking world markets by storm.

Both Bovada and BetOnline offer plenty of new deposit bonuses for their account holders, but Bovada’s promo on Bitcoin deposits is in a class by itself, with up to $500 in free wagers offered to depositors using that method. Additional benefits of using Bitcoin for bankrolling your account is the quick turnaround time measuring in minutes (not hours or days) and higher deposit limits of up to $25,000.

Legal College Football Playoff Wager Types

Now that we’ve looked at the current legal Georgia betting lines and how betting on Georgia online is legal at Bovada and BetOnline, we’ll give you a crash course on the different legal college football playoff wager types they offer. Most betting lines offered at our highest-rated sportsbooks fall into three broad categories: moneyline, spread betting, and totals bets.


Betting on the Georgia moneyline is basically a straight-up bet on whether the Bulldogs or their opponents will win in the CFP. This is the simplest and most direct kind of betting because only winning and losing is taken into account. Betting straight up is known as the moneyline because the odds on the favorite and underdog in the matchup are expressed in the form of $100 increments risked and $100 increments won.

  • Georgia (-130)
    Oklahoma (+110)

In the example above, Georgia is favored to beat Oklahoma indicated by their minus-signed number. A wager of $130 would profit you $100 and betting on OU would profit you $110, if you were to wager $100. Keep in mind that this is just a ratio and betting sites will allow you to wager as little as 25 cents in some cases.


Betting on the Georgia spread is a popular form of legal Georgia CFP betting because it adds an extra degree of difficulty that experienced bettors like. When you bet on the spread your bet must take into account the degree to which the team of your choice wins or loses. That means a bet on the losing team can still make you money if that side loses by less the point spread, which is basically a handicap assigned to the favorite and the underdog.

  • Georgia -2 (-110)
  • Oklahoma +2 (-115)

In this example, Georgia must win by 3 or more to win a wager. Likewise, Oklahoma must either win the game or lose by less than 2. Anytime the final result of the game reflects the exact number of the spread, all bets will be refunded, as the wager is considered a push. Most sportsbook will not set whole numbers for spreads so pushes are less prevalent.


Totals betting, also known as betting on the over/under doesn’t involve the actual outcome of the game so much as it considers the combined score of both teams and whether the actual combined score goes over or falls under the predicted total score. If the actual total matches the bookies’ projected amount, then all money bet on the over/under is refunding to the bettors.

  • Georgia Vs Oklahoma 60 points (-110)

n this example, 61 points would need to hit for an over to be successful and 59 or less for the under to be. Notice the (-110) moneyline wager: this is the standard betting odds for the spread and totals betting. Betting $110 would win $100, but that $10 is designed to be a “cut for the house”.

Other Legal Georgia CFP Betting Options

In addition to the main three wager types we already looked at, Bovada and BetOnline will also list other legal Atlanta CFP betting options like futures and prop bets. Futures, in this case, are betting lines listed in advance of games yet to take place, such as the winner of the entire College Football Playoff tournament. Prop bets fall into two broad categories - team props, which take into account the performance of the whole team and player props, which only look at individual athlete’s statistical performance – but neither variety directly impacts betting on the outcome of the game.

The industry-leading legal offshore sportsbooks we recommend for Bulldogs fans also have new, technology-based options for legally betting on Georgia. Live in-game betting is one of the latest methods for betting on the CFP in that the bookies use advanced computerized algorithms to list updated odds in real time throughout the course of a football game, in contrast to more traditional methods where the odds are fixed days before the kickoff. Mobile sports betting apps for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets enable users to take their hobby with them everywhere, and best of all these apps are completely free to download while retaining all the best features of their respective sportsbook sites.