Albany Sportsbooks

As one of the more populous metro areas in Georgia, there are thousands of local sports fans and many times that number of visitors passing through town that would love to bet on their favorite teams at Albany sportsbooks. However, the laws concerning gambling in the Peach State are especially strict, and just about all forms of wagering are strictly curtailed or banned outright, and naturally, those prohibitions include sports betting as well. This is despite the fact that the US Supreme Court decided in May of 2018 to overturn the longstanding Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (also known as PASPA), which, for more than a quarter of century, effectively acted as a federal level ban preventing 46 of the 50 states from passing laws to legalize and regulate sports betting industries of their own.

That being said, it should similarly be clear that all the best casino properties that serve the Albany area are not actually located in the Peach State. Nevertheless, these casinos (all of which have been gladly doing business with Georgia residents for years) would make fantastic de facto Albany area casinos if given half a chance by the legal authorities. Our guide to the best sportsbooks in Albany, GA (hypothetically speaking of course) will fill you in with all the details you would need as a Georgia resident or guest to get in on the sports betting action when and if wagering on sports becomes legal in the affected states.

Betting On The NFL In Albany

Mobile Betting On The Super Bowl In GeorgiaAlbany players look for all places to wager but betting on the NFL in Albany won't be found at retail locations. If they do then they should know it's not a safe option as they are likely breaking state laws. Even though retail sportsbooks are popular and many players like to use them, online sportsbooks are another option that many players can sign up for and bet on NFL games in Albany. Big games like the Super Bowl will be the main event on sites like Bovada, BetOnline, and others. The fact that there are a variety of banking methods shows that these sites are trying to make sure their players are comfortable at all times. There will be bonuses here as well that will be geared toward NFL games and big events.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Albany?

Sports betting is not currently legal in Albany. That comes down to several factors, not least of which are the numerous prohibitions against almost every form of gambling baked right into the heart of the Georgia State Codes. This bans sports betting outright, but there is also the fact that the Peach State’s lawmakers have for decades resisted any effort to so much as consider gambling expansion inside the state lines. With that being said, sports betting opportunities are available being that sportsbook websites are hosted and based out of foreign countries. The best operators in this ultra-competitive segment are Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, BetDSI, and MyBookie. The only reason these sites are legal and able to be used is because the Peach State’s bans on gambling do not specifically mention any prohibitions on using the internet to wager on sports (or for other gambling purposes for that matter).

What The Minimum Legal Age To Bet At Albany Sportsbooks?

Since there are no Albany sportsbooks or even any casinos in Georgia by any stretch of the imagination, it might, in theory, be difficult to determine what the minimum legal ages to bet at Albany sportsbooks are. However, this is actually quite an easy question to answer. All the legal offshore sportsbook websites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, or BetDSI – being based in foreign countries in the Caribbean and in Europe – only require that their account holders be at least 18 years old before placing bets on their favorite teams and athletes. However, we still recommend that our readers here at Sports Betting Georgia wait until they are at least 21 years old or older before trying to place bets. Why is that? The truth is most casinos (even the ones located in Alabama that would make the best sportsbooks in Albany) will follow the standard set by the sports betting outlets on the Las Vegas Strip, and that means casino sports bettors in Georgia will probably need to be 21 and up before they can wager on sporting events.

What Are The Possibilities Of Sportsbooks In Albany?

Whether or not the state of Georgia’s representatives and senators will ever come around to the idea that embracing sports betting is in line with the wants of the majority of Georgia residents as well as a wise financial move remains to be seen. However, all it takes is a quick look at the fantastic sports franchises that call the Empire State of the South home, from the Falcons to the Braves to the Bulldogs, or to take for instance that the estimated worth of the US sports betting market comes in somewhere between $150 billion and $250 billion annually. With these facts being considered, it is clear that sportsbooks in Albany, GA, and elsewhere in the state would be a huge draw for new visitors and represent a massive boost to the local economy, as well as create a valuable new source of tax revenues. Money talks and with this, we project some form of gambling to appear in Georgia sometime in 2023.

Best Sportsbooks In Albany, GA

Let’s just go ahead and get one thing out of the way first: all the best sportsbooks in Albany, GA, or at least the best sports betting outlets legally serving Georgia residents are actually going to be found exclusively online at websites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI. These five sites stand out from all the rest in terms of the quality of their user experiences, their inherent security features, their reliability when it comes time to collect your winnings and make sportsbook deposits and – most importantly, the excellent and wide variety of betting lines they list daily on all major sporting events.

However, if sports betting were to become more widely legal throughout the United States – as the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn PASPA has made possible at long last – then the following casino properties serving the Albany area and its residents will quickly transition into becoming the best sportsbooks in Albany proper. That is, of course, unless the state of Georgia itself legalized sports wagering (or casino properties more generally and then allows them to pursue licensure as a sportsbook outlet). All that was to say that the following should be considered more like “previews” rather than “reviews,” seeing as there are not currently any sportsbooks in Albany, regrettable as that may be.

Victoryland Greyhound Park And Quincy’s 777 Casino Sportsbook

Victoryland Greyhound Park And Quincy’s 777 Casino Sportsbook

  • Victoryland Greyhound Park And Quincy’s 777 Casino
  • Type: Commercial greyhound racing track, casino and hotel
  • Location: Shorter, AL
  • Address: 8680 County Road 40, Shorter, AL 36075
  • First Opened: 1983
  • Number of Rooms: 300 rooms
  • Total Gaming Space: 502 gaming machines
  • Gaming Age: 21
  • Best Restaurants: Whitfield’s Steakhouse, O’s Lobby Bar, O’Brew Café
  • Owner: Milton McGregor
  • Phone Number: (866) 946-3360

The Victoryland Greyhound Park (and Quincy’s 777 Casino) may not be the closest casino gambling outlets in the world, relatively speaking. They are also not the largest, but with a better than decent combination of a proven track record of success (they were first launched way back in 1983), a wide selection of video gambling terminals, pari-mutuel betting and live greyhound racing wagering facilities and a substantial number of excellent restaurants and lavishly appointed rooms and suites, this duo would easily make one of the best sportsbooks in the Albany area. However, neither the state of Alabama – where the Victoryland and Quincy’s property is located – have legalized sports betting on the menu at this time, and there is no indication that such a decision would be made to reverse that trend is coming anytime soon either. For now, we will all just have to collectively hope and pray that these two states will make the right call so that Albany residents can enjoy what could become an excellent Albany sportsbook, resort, casino and racetrack all in one fun spot.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery Sportsbook

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery Sportsbook

  • Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery
  • Type: Native American tribal land-based casino
  • Location: Montgomery, AL
  • Address: 1801 Eddie L. Tullis Rd., Montgomery, AL 36117
  • First Opened: 2001
  • Number of Rooms: 123 rooms
  • Total Gaming Space: 65,000 square feet – 2,200 games of the slots and video cards type variety
  • Gaming Age: 21
  • Top Attractions: Live entertainment venue with national musical and comedic acts scheduled throughout the year at BB King’s Blue Club, Golden Shears Barbershop & Salon
  • Best Restaurants: BB King’s Blues Club (with live music nightly), Itta Bena speakeasy themed restaurant and bar with live music, Lucille’s Eatery
  • Owner: Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Wind Creek Hospitality
  • Phone Number: (866) 946-3360

The Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery is one of two premier gambling properties owned and operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians’ Wind Creek Hospitality management company, which also owns a similarly named casino and hotel property in Wetumpka, both of which are based in Alabama. The Montgomery location is considered to be the better of the two when it comes to the entertainment opportunities on offer on a regular basis, as national level recording artists come through the BB King’s Blues Club venue all throughout the year, although the gaming space is no slouch either with 65,000 square feet and 2,200 games of the slots and video variety. When one considers the relative proximity of this gaming property to southeastern Georgia and various amenities offered there, both of which serve to make it a prime vacation destination, it should become easy to conclude that the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery would make one of the best sportsbooks in Albany if sports betting were legalized in the Heart of Dixie.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka Sportsbook

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka Sportsbook

  • Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka
  • Type: Native American tribal land-based casino
  • Location: Wetumpka, AL
  • Address: 100 River Oaks Drive, Wetumpka, AL 36092
  • First Opened: December 14, 2013
  • Number of Rooms: 283 rooms
  • Total Gaming Space: 2,500 games – slot machines, video poker, video roulette, video blackjack etc.
  • Gaming Age: 21
  • Top Attractions: Live entertainment venue with national musical and comedic acts scheduled throughout the year
  • Best Restaurants: FIRE Steakhouse, Wind Creek Buffet, Wind Creek Grill & Grill To Go, Chilly Bean (coffee and pastries)
  • Owner: Poarch Band of Creek Indians, Wind Creek Hospitality
  • Phone Number: (866) 946-3360

As the second of two casino and hotel properties owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and their Wind Creek Hospitality corporate entity, the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka might be a little bit further afield than its sister property in Montgomery. But what this prime gaming spot brings to the table are a fine selection of excellent restaurants, from white table cloth affairs like the appropriately named FIRE Steakhouse to more economical choices like the Wind Creek Buffet as well as more than 2,500 gaming stations including slot machines, video poker, roulette, blackjack and more. The hotel on the property boasts a massive (for the region) 283 rooms, many of which are quite spacious suites worthy of the property’s AAA Four Diamond hotel rating. Those elements make this tribal casino in Alabama one of the most ideal candidates to join what we hope could one day be the ranks the best sportsbooks in Albany and beyond, but that is largely a matter for the state legislatures of not one but two deeply conservative and traditionally gambling expansion averse states to figure out. In the meantime, Georgia residents can always check out the de facto legal Albany sportsbooks found online such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and BetDSI.